Thursday, 24 February 2011

The family

Hi I haven't really used my blog much recently but a week off work can do wonders for catching up. I have just joined Stampin up for all the goodies on offer and had to have a little play with my kit. I have made this 12 x 12 scrap book page after reading Blue Jelly Stampin blog and challenge It's not a perfect work of art but I did enjoy doing it and have inspired my Daughter Amy who is 8 because now she wants to print off hundreds of photos of us to make her own scrapbook. There'll be no paper left in this house
I have also been painting pots with her this week and took my stampin up stamps (well Amy's actually, Cause she got some from a friends birthday party as a party bag gift (Super gift!!!)) If i have time when I get the plate back from the kiln next week I'll upload a photo...
Thanks for looking